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CodeDoc® and TriageDoc® are our software products that were designed for Palm handhelds so they do not have hardware to currently run on. Thus we can no longer offer them. However if you  want to know anything, please email us. The Codedoc® demo is free  but again our products require substantial overall to make them available again. We are looking at the expense of update and making them “Apps”.  Email for questions.

TriageDoc®’s full program is ready to download free to those who still may have a Palm. TriageDoc® was mostly developed through an SBIR-NLM grant and was designed as a test pilot program for medical emergencies and disasters. The full program may be downloaded free. It is not a demo however it came out of research. Again substantial overall to update it and make it mutltiplatform in this day requires great effort and we can not do this alone. Hence we are looking for existing companies that might have interest in it before a full revamp is done.

We would appreciate your suggestions to correct and improve both programs.? We would like to develop these 2 programs as “Apps” with multiplatform use especially  for iphone, ipad, or android devices, but there are many challenges that will take time.

NEW for 2014, we are still developing but doing a very different program so effort for 2014 will be towards this software product development.

Please watch for progress on our new program P:T:M®. It is unrelated to CodeDoc and TriageDoc and has a much broader application beyond the medical field but having to do with meetings, tasks, and decisions. It is being developed for iphone, ipad, other devices as well as internet.
For an overview visit P:T:M®’s home web page. P:T:M® web URL =


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  1. This software sounds interesting, would be very interested in ipod/iphone version.

    Is it linked with ACLS protocols? or is each intervention entered by the user at the start?

    ie will it know what drugs I’ll want next for set protocols?


  2. CodeDoc uses ALCS protocols. I like your question about building some connection between
    each protocol and drugs. If you download the demo, you will see that screens have a drug
    info bottom that brings up current dose recommendations. Because CodeDoc is a documentation
    tool it can not advise the user. With advise comes other legal consequence etc but we will
    think about your suggestion because it may be possible to connect without recommending.
    Thank you very much for your comment


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