palm2Frees the documenter from having to look at a clock or watch. CodeDoc is a “docutimer”. From the time the user taps [START] with the stylus pen, the timer begins. This frees the documenter to focus on other items for documentation.

Time stamps each entry. All editing and changes to the record are saved and time stamped so that the exact sequence of data entry can be recreated.

Keeps tract of each unique medication administration. Calculates approximate total dose in real time.

Requires little or no training. You can navigate through the program with the tap of the stylus via the four buttons at the bottom of the screen. [Assess] and [Order] buttons let you document many types of assessments and orders made with one or two taps.

Enables easy transfer of information to other healthcare providers at the bedside. Hot sync your Palm to a Monarch portable printer or other printers supported with PalmPrint software, and medical personnel can then print out an unedited code or a summary of the code within a few seconds for the next healthcare provider who may be continuing care of the patient.

Currently collected data is showing a mean average difference of 5.85 minutes that CodeDoc saves over handwritten documentation of the same code. Remember that this is documentation software NOT
protocols or guidelines so you put the information into the system. We are seriously looking
at having an app for update of the format more than content as content is user driven.
For more information see the CodeDoc® Whitepaper.

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