TriageDoc has been revised based on the research version. The research version is not available but the program  available is much improved and reflects many changes that came out of the research. The bioterrorist agent database is incomplete but there is a full ambulance run time documentation and triage. It is licensed for educational use and is TOTALLY free with user’s acceptance of all risks. The download zip is no longer a demo but the entire program. Anyone involved in triage might find the program useful. There is no longer any fee but we ask you to register.

Research for TriageDoc was published and Medline Abstract and reference are below:

1: Am J Emerg Med. 2006 Nov;24(7):843-6.

Automated vs manual triage for bioterrorist disaster: a blinded crossover feasibility study comparing personal digital assistant to paper-based triage.

Schell CLWohl RRathe RSchell WJ.

Medical Decisions Software, Inc., Earleton, FL 32631, USA.

INTRODUCTION: This article reports results of a National Institutes of Health/National Library of Medicine Small Business Innovation Research-funded research grant comparing paper-based and automated Palm handheld computer disaster triage documentation. OBJECTIVES: The aim of this study was to test the feasibility of automated handheld computer triage and compare it to handwritten triage. METHODS: A paired t test was used in an intraindividual, blinded, crossover study to compare the 2 methods of disaster triage by 2 objective measures–time and accuracy. A total of 57 experienced, licensed first responders participated. Results are from analysis of 8 disaster scenarios with a total of 400 patients triaged using the 2 methods of documentation, crossed over, blinded, and paired per participant. RESULTS: The study demonstrated the feasibility of using TriageDoc, a Palm personal digital assistant (PDA ) program, as a viable alternative to current manual disaster triage. Furthermore, the PDA program gave advantage to bioterrorist agent identification. CONCLUSIONS: The feasibility of an automated Palm (Palm, Inc., Sunnyvale, CA) PDA triage program was demonstrated in this study. Study limitations, by the number of participants and the fact it is feasibility research, are acknowledged. Nevertheless, the research demonstrated TriageDoc was as accurate or more accurate as the manual method of triage with a tendency to require less time. Also there was no statistically significant difference between research sites with respect to accuracy or time to completion when the TriageDoc system was used. The program provided consistency and had flexibility in adapting to the various differences in triage methods at different locations. Hence, PDA programs such as TriageDoc may have potential advantages over handwritten documentation for disaster triage.PMID: 17098109 [PubMed – indexed for MEDLINE]”

TriageDoc Manual

Download the the entire program for free in zip below.  The program does include ambulance run as well as triage.

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